How To Care For Your Animal Pre-Mount

As a hunter, it’s exciting when you Harvest your first big buck, fish, or bird. Most people like to take these as an additional food source but other times people love to be able to show off their special harvest as a trophy!


This is where Taxidermy comes in to play, but before that, it is important to know how to prepare the animal before you bring it to a Taxidermist. Prevent things like freezer burn and premature damage to faded and bug infested mounts with these simple steps.

  1. Proper Freezer Storage. Prepping your animal before you bring it to a Taxidermist is important in order to preserve your animal for as long as possible. Proper storage in the freezer is important to avoid freezer burn and premature damage.

  2. Avoid Dragging. If possible, avoid dragging the animal to prevent any damage or risks of puncturing the hide. There are tools and equipment that can help you transport your animal.

  3. Have A Pose Picked Out. When you take your animal to a taxidermist, have the pose of your animal already picked out. After all, it will be there forever. Take some time to think about what and where you plan on keeping it. Additionally, keeping it out of the sunlight will help reduce fading over the years.