About Us

Tim Knight

Tim Knight, owner of Knight's Taxidermy, is a leading provider of taxidermy services. We take pride in offering the lifelike animal artistry. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each day. Our goal is to take your harvest and to make it into a display piece that your will enjoy showing off and talking about.

Knight’s Taxidermy

*Knight's Taxidermy holds a State and Federal License and is a member of the National Taxidermy Association (NTA).

Field Care

If you are uncertain how to skin or care for your trophy, please call and I will try to assist you with directions and support. For a fee, I will meet with you and help you skin the animal. REMEMBER, bacteria starts to grow as soon as the animal expires. This will cause tissue breakdown and this can ruin your trophy. Never let anything stay in a cooler too long, it should be frozen ASAP (within 24-36 hours).

Shoulder Mount

Do not cut the animal's throat. Make a vertical cut around the body, 6" behind the shoulder. Work down to the head leaving 6" of neck attached to the head. We will complete the skinning from this point.

Small Game

Leave whole. Be careful not to damage the animal. Freeze or deliver immediately.


Do not wrap in paper, as this will draw out moisture.  Wrap in plastic and freeze until delivery.


Wrap in wet towel, then wrap in plastic and freeze until delivery.

COntact us

For more information contact us today at (919) 291-6506.